555 algorithmically generated monkeys living on the Oasis Blockchain.
Whitelist Mint: 225 $ROSE
Public Mint: 300 $ROSE
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(Mint Date TBA)
What are Oasis Monkeys?
Oasis Monkeys are an NFT collection built on the Oasis Network and launched on the emerald paratime. Featuring only 555 monkeys, the collection is one of the most scarce collections to launch on Oasis to date. The collection features over 70+ unique attributes and is the first monkey NFT project to launch on Oasis.
Apply to be Whitelisted
Given the scarcity of Oasis Monkey Business NFTs, we will be creating a whitelist for our mint. Whitelisted addresses will be able to mint at a lower price than the public and receive access to the exclusive Oasis Monkey Business discord.

If you want to be considered for our whitelist, please fill out this short form below:
Our Vision
Oasis Monkey Business is an exclusive profile picture (PFP) based collection that is launching on the Oasis Blockchain; more specifically, the emerald paratime. We will be the first monkey based NFT project to launch on the Oasis Network and were extremely excited about the growth opportunities that lie ahead for our project and the Oasis ecosystem as a whole. With a supply of only 555 NFTs in the entire collection, OMB is one of the most exclusive collections on the entire chain. Our goal is to cement ourselves as one of the blue chip collections on Oasis and create a fun and lasting community for everyone to take part in. 
The Team
Marketing Lead
Development Lead
Hi everyone. My name is Jason and I'm the creator of OMB. I'm extremely passionate about everything crypto and art. I have a solid grasp on the NFT space and am always trying to learn more and further my understanding of the space. I look forward to serving you all. 
I have about 2 years of digital marketing experience and I'm currently focusing on honing my marketing skills in the crypto/web3 industry. I've been involved with the crypto space for a few years but am finally starting to take a deeper dive into the ecosystem.
Hey everyone, I'm Matthew but everyone calls me Matt. I'm the guy in the background making sure everything goes smoothly on the back end of things. I'm looking forward to working hard to provide everyone with the best experience possible. 
Exclusive Discord
One of the main selling points behind Oasis Monkey Business is the scarcity of its supply. To further emphasize the benefits and perks of being a holder, only whitelisted members and holders of Oasis Monkey Business(OMB) NFTs will receive access to the full features of our discord. Non-owners will still have access the discord but won't be able to enjoy the full benefits of it unless holding an OMB in their wallet. 
Phase 1: 
-Website Launch
-Launch Twitter
-Open Discord 

Phase 2: 
-Begin Marketing Campaign
-Collaborations with other Oasis Projects
-Whitelisting for Mint Begins
-Mint Date Announced

Phase 3:
-Minting Begins for Whitelisted Members (TBA)
-Public Mint Opens
-Listing on Secondary Marketplaces
-Continue Marketing and Growing our Community

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to mint a monkey?
-225 $ROSE for whitelisted members and 300 $ROSE for the public mint.

What is the total supply?
-555 monkeys. No more, no less.

When does minting begin?
-The minting date is still TBD but will likely occur in late March/early April.

How can I get whitelisted?
-Fill out the form here to be considered for our whitelist! Due to the anticipation of high demand, we wont be able to accept every applicant. If you aren't considered for the whitelist, theres still a chance of getting a spot. We'll be holding various events/contests on our twitter and discord for members to earn whitelist spots leading up to our mint. Make sure you're there to stay up to date with the latest announcements.

How will minting work? 
-We will announce a minting date in the coming weeks. Whitelisted users will receive access to the mint 24 hours prior to public minting. 

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